June 16, 2005

Bagel Update

I used a new recipe today. They turned out softer like the ones you get in the freezer at the grocery store. The kids liked them better, but mom still prefers the heavy ones. I put only half cup a whole wheat this time, and used bread flour for the rest. Much different preparation, I only had to boil them for a few seconds on each side verses 7 minutes, they got to rise longer, and I started out by dissolving the yeast in warm milk. I also learned with this recipe to put the seeds on right after the brush of egg yoke right before baking them. I tried putting them on before the boil, like it had in the first recipe. lol I had very seedy looking water when I was done this time. Mom went to the library last night and came back with this book. You can put anything on a bagel, including a brick. It wouldn’t be very tasty, and you’d probably break your teeth but don’t think anyone would stop you. I can’t believe all the stuff this book suggest for dressing up your bagel. From ice cream to guacamole to goats cheese. The only variation I’ve done before which was in the book was locks (smoked salmon) with cream cheese. Now that is good. I’ve got to stop looking at this book, I’m getting hungry!

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