June 09, 2005

And the living is easy...
Officially summer doesn’t start until the middle of this month, but I don’t think the weather got the message. We’re sweltering! I’m wondering if seriously I’d like living in a cold place. Maybe Alaska, they say it’s beautiful up there. Nah, it gets too cold in the winter. New Hampshire seems like a nice place the older I get. I use to gag at the thought of living there….even though I was born there almost 21 years ago. I can’t imagine living lower than VA in the summer time. We were in VA last summer for a fun family reunion, and the pool and ocean were warmer than the air! Bathwater. You had to get out of the water to be cool - that’s just not right. The ocean up north is *never* warm. But, we really do have it great in America….no matter where you live. For most of the people reading this blog, clean running water, electricity, houses, cars, AC (well, some of us), computers, washers & dryers, paved roads, medical assistance, (almost) affordable gas and diesel are just a few of the luxuries we have. The Bible speaks of being satisfied if you have food, clothing and shelter. We have that and so much more.

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