June 19, 2005

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We saw this spot of rainbow on the way back home yesterday. Concert tonight, I think we're doing the same program we did last week. And like last week, they are feeding us, always nice. :)

Recently we seem to be finding a lot of families who sing and play blusgrass, The Cherryholms , The Doerful Family, and The Franz Family. Talk about inspiration! We had a great time last week listening to the The LaClaires.
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We're drowning in bluegrass!! ; ) I'm looking forward to getting back on the road..... new churches, old churches, new friend, old friend and new Wal-Mart parking lots. All those Wal-Marts out west have such beautiful sunsets!

I've been working on a new fiddle tune, Red Haired Boy. It almost sounds Irish, but I think it's bluegrass. I'm thinking of ordering some Helicores. Expensive but everyone says it's worth it.

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