June 06, 2005

First band rehearsal of the season was tonight. Actually, it was two weeks ago, but we didn’t want to leave dad all alone to eat his b-day cake, so tonight was our first rehearsal. Peter came with us. His very first rehearsal of his very young life. It’s always tough to just jump in, so don’t get discouraged Peter! I’m sure he’s going to be fine once he gets the hang of it. Vincent was able to sit next to him so that helped. Bonnie did an excellent job with 1st chair trumpet! I’m so proud of her. All that sweat and time invested is paying off. My poor lips were fine for the first few songs, but by the end I was hurting. And after hurting they just refused to play, they just collapsed. I guess practice couldn’t hurt at this point. (Haha, actually it will.) But, hey it’s not fun to practice an instrument reviled by your sibling. Peer pressure man. Plus my real love is the flute, but no one will let me play that in band since they found out about the oboe. Maybe I should have stayed a closet oboe player. Then I would be safe to play flute forever! I really shouldn’t complain too much. At least I have plenty of practice with solos, and of course leading the entire section! (That would be me and me.) The trumpet section was snickering about the new oboe music had to be ordered…..and I was thinking ….when a band doesn’t have an oboe the trumpets gets the part. That must be why they don’t like us, we’re taking away parts from them! A ha! That’s it. I’m never switching back to flute, I need to play oboe for as long as I can to keep those trumpet players from exhaustion. My rant is over - oboe is cool.

(And maybe trumpets too……)

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