December 09, 2006

I’m suppose to be writing a post and I keep getting side tracked! In part to the site I’m going to mention next….

For all the home school grads who don’t know yet, this is a neat site. (Edit: Sorry! I did forget to put in the clickable link. Oops!) is a place to meet and greet the graduated home school population. It’s free to register and pretty painless. Just be warned, it’s addictive!

Last night, in Vermont we got stuck! How’s that for real life adventure? : D

We were on the way to a music shop and since there were no available parking spots by the store we drove down this hill. Dad thought he could make the turn and get into the big parking lot across the way.

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Obviously, we didn’t.

A police officer was just a little ways behind us and had his lights almost immediately. A man from the fire dept. came and he had a milk create filled with blocks. Turns out they, along with our jacks weren’t enough to get us out and a wrecker was called. If we had more wood it would have been plausible that we could have dug ourselves out. However, there was no place open to buy wood and we don’t carry THAT much wood with us. : P

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The wrecker guy pulled out a BIG chain after the fist chain broke. You can't really see the contrast very well in the picture but, it was pretty big.

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After we were unstuck we found the left side of the bus wouldn’t air up. We might have spent a night or so up in Vermont if Vincent hadn’t jacked up the bus which made the air bags reseat. *phew!* Vincent is the coolest bro. :-) I’m very partial but, it‘s true! Thanks Vincent for all your hard work.

Afterward we walked back over to the music store for about 7 minutes and Peter tried out some cool mandolins. They closed and we walked back to the bus, very happy to be on the way back to a working bus.

We walked back through a parking garage and at the bottom, were neatly stacked blankets and a man spreading out a sleeping bag. Ouch. That was a painful reminder that many people don’t have a nice warm house to go back to and that made me reflect even more on the bountiful blessings I’ve been given.

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