December 28, 2006

Today we spent most of our daylight hours over at the studio. We’re recording at a breakneck speed, well, at least for us. : P Can you believe we’ve been there one whole day already this week and we’re planning to go back Saturday as well? If we accomplish all we hope to we will finish the raw recording of 7 songs. Yesss!

While we were there Mr. W. let me play with his SLR camera. *faints* I was thinking of upgrading and this was the push I needed. J If anyone knows of any good deals on a SLR camera give me an email or comment. I need to get a flash too…..this bouncing light off the ceiling is the best thing since sliced bread. : D

Some pics of the day….

Tree climbing talents Daniel has!

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He can also sing. J

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Joel W. in a red sweater. I think it’s his color.
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One of the cutest and smiley babies I know, R. Garret. Awww!!!
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Of course, I have more pictures but, I’m tired and it’s late….

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