December 02, 2006

I'm so glad tonight is over with!! :D

The band Vincent, Bonnie and I play in had their concert this evening. Our family did 20 minutes at intermission. I was nervous! It's a good thing I don't feel like that before every concert.

The concert was held in a new place and we had hardly any room to set up.
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We ended up on the side, way on the right in the picture. (You can see the bass there.)

Some guy asked Daniel after the concert,

“So, where do you go from here?”

Daniel said, “Home, Orange.”

The guy said “OH! I thought you were from Kentucky, with all that bluegrass.” :-P

We were trying out some new mics tonight so there was some added stress over that, but the concert went as well as could be expected. Before we sang I didn’t have a good feeling about the concert. My thoughts were something like... ‘if I mess up in front of all these people who know me this is going to be so embarrassing!’ But even though I made mistakes and everything wasn’t perfect from the comments I got after I knew the Lord had been working. Praise God! He’s awesome and deserves all the glory for anything good!!

Here’s Bonnie and me. Our yearly picture together. :-)

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I put someone in charge of pictures and they got very few pictures, particularly of Bonnie and Vincent since they were burried in the band.....

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Bonnie's head is right above the music.

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And that's Vincent! Can you see him?!

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The man with our mic is Mr. Cass. He emceed for the night.

1 concert down, 11 to go! It's suppose to snow Sunday-Monday and we're suppose to sing in Barre on Monday night. Praying for good roads!

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