December 05, 2006

I went out to photograph the dusting of snow and this little guy was just sitting there posing for me. ;-)

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- Note the snow on the leaves! - :D

And if anyone wants to know how the concert went yesterday you can keep reading. (I left the house in such a hurry I forgot to bring the camera. No pics.)

We’ve decided to erase yesterday from the calendar! : P

I was at work from 1pm-5pmish. I got back in enough time to get concert clothes together, grab my violin and jump on the bus. We get there and start setting up. Where is the trumpet and the saw?! (Yeah, we bring a saw with us.) Apparently no one thought to bring them since the person who normally makes double checks wasn’t home. No trumpet means no brass selections and we have to revamp the whole program. The presets were not made for our new songs and dad practically has a heart attack trying to get our voices and millions (hyperbole) of instruments mixed correctly. Peter’s mic ran out of batteries and he had to use another mic. Anyone who runs sound knows how hard it is when mics get all switched around! So, we had many pauses since on one knew which song was coming next! After doing a program for 9 weeks+ it gets hard to into another groove. (I was adlibbing the emcee stuff in-between too. Ahhh!! I don’t like doing that! I’m seriously glad no one recorded anything…) Right before the last song my mic dies. It had that dreadful dead battery syndrome. (Btw, I do like my new wireless, A LOT! But, it doesn’t work very well dead. :-) ) Some of us start off with Silent Night and one of the duet people start singing words from all verses and dreadfully mispronouncing some words apparently oblivious to the fact we had words on the music stand! Finally the concert ended, thankfully before we messed up on anything else. *sigh* I don’t know if you all wanted to hear all that…lol. It was one of ’those’ concerts. :-)

We are thanking the Lord for a safe trip there and back. The snow decided to come today instead of yesterday and it was just a dusting. It was quite pretty to watch falling though. :-)

We get another chance at getting things ’right’ tomorrow. : P Pray dad is able to get the presets set tomorrow. It normally takes weeks to get them just like we want them and we only have 10 more concerts of this program. We would like to have this done and set soon!

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