June 16, 2006

The fact is I should be packing right now, but this is probably the last time I’ll have to post until next week and by the time next week rolls around this will be old news.

If you read Bonnie’s blog you’ll know we’re visiting NH this weekend. I’m excited! These weekend trips are great. I still like long road trips, but there is something nice about knowing you’re not far from home.

Some other news (some of this is repeat of Bonnie’s blog)….

Matthew had a birthday. He turned 11.

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The cheese cake was really good, BTW. (The ice cream cake was good too.)

We had some nice company last evening. Meet the Wiebe family! A very talented family. We’re so blessed to know them! We spent many, many, many hours at their house recording and mixing.

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That little guy in the front row is so cute! He listens to our cd everyday and thinks Hannah is the best. In fact he calls "Honey In The Rock" “Hannah’s cd".

This is Vincent and Devan explaining about the skunk they found in the backyard. Thankfully we didn’t have to give anyone a tomato bath. However, I didn’t open my window that night!
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I had the first violin lesson of my entire life Wednesday. I was expecting a list about 2 feet long of everything I was doing wrong. I’m sure I have plenty of things to work on (lol) but he was very encouraging. We went to the fiddle shop before the lesson to drop off my bow, which needed to be re-haired. It was a house they had converted to a store, so it was kind neat inside. They didn’t have a single bass! Only cellos and violins (and probably violas, but I did look very hard). The guy comes down, looks at my bow and says it will be ready in a few hours. I’m in shock. Most of the places I called told me it would be a week or more unless I wanted to pay extra. So needless to say I left there praising God! I have a long bow to use this weekend!! Yes! And now maybe I can get back to ‘real’ practicing.

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I noticed that the neighbor’s roses bloomed right before I left for work. So I had to wait until tonight to get some shots. I took about 100 pictures. A couple of my favorites….

(I wish I could add the fragrance. You’ll just have to imagine that part.)

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Have a nice weekend everyone!

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