June 10, 2006

We just got back from singing here. If you don't feel like clicking on the link, I'll just tell you, it was the Relay for Life at the Franklin Country Fair Grounds.

Boy, it sure feels like it could be 4:00pm right now. We pulled out of the driveway this morning sometime between 6:15-30am-ish. I really couldn’t tell you exactly. I was half asleep. :-p

Soon after we arrived they brought us three golf carts and we made two trips to carry our stuff over the muddy track to the shelter of a big white tent. We had to play under the tent because of threatening skies. We would have been more visable if we were on the two flatbed trailers close to the track. I'm not sure how much sound actually traveled out of our area. Surprisingly, they hadn’t felt more than a sprinkle all night, but better to be safe than sorry! We were late starting but I don’t think anyone minded too much. Some of these people had been up all night so I guess they liked us because anything that included sitting down sounded good! LOL We were on the second verse of Man of Galilee and the tent flap behind us, due to a large gust of wind, knocked the guitar over. The music that wasn’t bound in the folder flew off the stand. It was quite crazy for about 60 seconds while the sound guys ran after the music and got our instruments gathered and righted. Ouch. We were singing through all this…at least most of us. Lol The cool 58 degree temps didn’t help our stiff fingers but we ran through a new piano duet. Four hands on two pianos. Bonnie’s yodeling was a big hit, again! I may have mentioned this before, but, it’s hilarious to watch the faces on the audience when she breaks out with ’ah dee oh dee leyee’. Hehe. :-)

So, all in all, an OK concert. This is really practice for tomorrow when we have to sing in front of people we know. 8-O

Afterward we gave out Cds and did PR.

Inside, after the concert.
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Peter, Bonnie, and Matthew.
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Bonnie, our new friend Elizabeth, and me.

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You can tell we’re long hair fans….

We stopped to go shopping on the way home and since I didn't want to shop, or wait in the bus, I took some pics. :-P I'm seriously not happy with how my camera is focusing up close. Half the stuff I had to delete. Bonnie thought I should get a lens made for close up.

Something in the daisy family? Probably not. But, hey, the colors are right!
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And clover. (I think...)
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