June 03, 2006

This was fun to make...
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I took about a gazzilion pics of flowers about a month ago and I used one of those pics for this creation.

The sewing part of this post will probably be found boring by most.... but I'm gonna post it anyway. :-P

But before you stop reading, please check out the information here concerning the confiscation of the million dollar bills in Texas. This is crazy and absurd!!

Also, this site is worth checking out.

OK, now you can stop reading....

I managed to clean out of the narrow closet-like space we call the 'sewing room'. The mounds of fabric are now semi-organized and I can walk through now. (Hip hip hurray!) I do need to get in there and do some color sorting, but at least for now I know where most everything is.

I picked some green fabrics and started these yesterday morning.

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I'm not happy with them but it was fun (when I wasn't frustrated with the sewing machine). :-) The idea is to practice making corners meet evenly, and learn to sew quickly and evenly with the machine. I prefer the way I can shape the pieces by hand, but I do not have time for that. Uh, yah.

We got to visit the most cool quilting shop a week or two ago. OH! They had a machine for quilting, it cost like $14,000. You place the back, filling, and top of the quilt on the frame in that order. There is a long arm on the actual sewing machine part and you swing the arm to follow the red laser on the pattern. You could even sign your name with this thing. Way cool.

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