June 20, 2006

We're back!

Does that count as an update? : p

An edit coming later today with more details....


What an awesome weekend! The Lord is so good! I've already used up the time I allotted for blogging just resizing pics, so, I'll try to skip around to the good parts. ;-)

Our trip started in Surry, NH. If you want to get technical it started at our house, but, I think you all knew that already.

Our concert for 'Cousin Isaac's' 50th Anniversary Party went fine. It was our very first concert using our new mixer! Good bye analog and welcome to the wonderful world of digital mixing. Dad did a great job getting it all ready and directing us to help him. We actually had it set up (in a very small space!) and ready to go in time. We had plenty of 'space' before the concert to eat and relax. Taking pictures helped time pass...here's another version of the C&B shot.

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I took more flower/nature pics but, don't worry, I won't post them today. ;-)

We started up to Concord, the capitol of New Hampshire, and met with the Bartletts at the church we were scheduled to sing at the next morning. We felt SO welcome even before we arrived! We set up and ate pizza. Sam's Club has great pizza, BTW.

**more second edit**
Let me use the space here to thank the Bartletts again for all the hard work they did! Mr. Ed smashed his hand on a table setting up for us at the church and showed up after we arrived with a bandaged hand! They had just come from the emerengcy room! We are so blessed to know you guys. Thanks again!

***end edit***

I think I had the most comfortable sleep in the bus that night. Dad got a new mattress and guess who got his old one? :-)

Next morning we had a great service. Mr. Bartlett took pictures for us. Thank you again!

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We drove over to Gilmanton IW (which stands for Iron Works, FYI) and set up for the night concert. It was interesting being in the car behind and watching the bus drive along.

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After we set up we started jamming a little. But, we didn't stay long because Nathan was very anxious to get over to the lake and swim!

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The church was quite old. The pews were 'boxes' with doors on them. Pretty interesting! The concert went very well. The people afterward were so sweet! We had some people travel over from the morning church to hear us again.

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The next morning we had breakfast made by the Bartletts! Then we took turns going out on the boat. This is probably the second time I can remember being in a boat in my life. The lake was so pretty. THEN! The real action started around noon when we got ready for water skiing. We had never done this before! The guys (and Bonnie) were really excited. Vincent did a great job and got up on his first try. Way to go!!

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Peter had some trouble getting off because of the boat speed which wasn't fast enough.

He was determined.

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He was working it like he'd done it all his life by the time we were done.
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We swung back to trade passengers. Bonnie was next. We got some nice video footage of her attempts. She did a terrific job once she got up!!!

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Nathan was next. He had trouble keeping the skis in the water. :-) But he quickly figured out how to work the skis when he got up!
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I...well, I'd rather not talk about it. LOL! I fell twice on the lake and had multiple attempts getting started. But, I know I did it because I have sore muscles and a sun burn. :-) The camera was the ticket to go out on all the trips. Peter and Matthew took the pics of me.
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(The mood - 'Let's try this again!' :-p)
(ok...more edit... check out Bonnie's blog for a pic of me out of the water.)

Mom and dad were so cute on shore!! They posed for this but that was the idea!

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Mr. Bartlett was so kind to invite us to do this!! Thanks again! Boy, we'll never forget this trip!

We ate, traded pictures, and got a few group shots before saying goodbye!

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I guess I didn't skip too much. :-) It would have taken a week to recount everything that happened. So, in a way, I did.

I hope I don't have too many typos in here...I'm running out of time to edit!!!

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